Instructions for Healing

Rise before dawn and drain

Watch for a hollow spot to form in the middle

The wound needs time to dry out

Notice the seepage

Toxic holdings release into the open space

Lightly rinse and squeeze 5 times a day or more

At sunset repack and cover

Keep squeezing throughout the night

Let it rest a little

Repeat for 29 to 30 days

For healing

Poignant Moment

The most poignant moment comes

Like an ice cold draft spilling down my back

It’s like waking up inside a dream

All these months curled up in pious repose

In celibacy, in solitude, in the quiet shell of grief

Because someone I love got lost in the weeds of addiction

My mouth is dry with fiery lust

This pure physical desire has no particular object to crave

It just happens with a shock of conscience

Inside the purifying practices of the holy month

Do I not cleave to God in this time?

Am I not supposed to further fall away from earthly pleasures?

How is this opposite phenomenon occurring?

Inside my mind and my body the aching chemistry

Wet with hormone, and rapid synaptic cracklings shake the libido

My sensual urges rise, awakened from their dormant reprieve

Grief becoming destiny

Destiny tastes like a penny held on the tongue

Metal essence electric

Cosmic balance seeks itself

From within the chamber of human experience

All longing and grief drown my soul in sorrow

Cruel, spiteful, wretched and depraved

Bitterness between the lips

Rage in each ragged breath

A slow poison

Knife’s edge and our end

Fatal – shredding pretty illusions

Emptiness – filling with God