The inevitable is imminent.

None besides GOD can relieve it.

Are you questioning this matter?

Are you laughing, instead of crying?

Are you insisting on your ways?

You shall fall prostrate before GOD, and worship.

Quran 53:57-62


never a word

Do we miss the sun’s brightness stinging our shoulders?

Do we find ourselves? Awake? Or more like dreaming?

In a place or beyond all?

We living ask so many questions, receive no answers

And fear beyond hoping that in truth – death never says a word

Words Disintegrate

journey into words

and rhythm

dancing and singing

and then learn to drop away

and go

where words disintegrate

into texture, color, emotion

there, where prophets and mystics

perceive God

let the dream liberate you

Let the dream liberate you from day’s life

Walk through through the unseen world with spirit eyes

Eat spirit food and drink spirit water

Your imagination bleeds into the physical world

Creates a new reality every day

Every metaphor has DNA – signs from the Holy One

Don’t abandon your reason but let it be woven together with this inexplicable clairvoyance

Climb the tree of knowledge

Sit in its branches and gorge yourself on fruit

Yes, even this was the plan of the Planner

That we should fall from Grace

That we might best see the greatness of the Greatest

The One without question gave us doubt

What a gift!

Grapple with the complexity

You came to surrender to the search

Get drunk on fear thinking of how one day you suddenly die

And that ecstatic moment of transition will drink you in

The cosmic nothing will claim you once again

short thought

Ice in summer glasses

Small talk by the pool

Drenched in togetherness

Some people dream of diamond rings

We got four days to live

But won’t ever know it