let the dream liberate you

Let the dream liberate you from day’s life

Walk through through the unseen world with spirit eyes

Eat spirit food and drink spirit water

Your imagination bleeds into the physical world

Creates a new reality every day

Every metaphor has DNA – signs from the Holy One

Don’t abandon your reason but let it be woven together with this inexplicable clairvoyance

Climb the tree of knowledge

Sit in its branches and gorge yourself on fruit

Yes, even this was the plan of the Planner

That we should fall from Grace

That we might best see the greatness of the Greatest

The One without question gave us doubt

What a gift!

Grapple with the complexity

You came to surrender to the search

Get drunk on fear thinking of how one day you suddenly die

And that ecstatic moment of transition will drink you in

The cosmic nothing will claim you once again


I was never more afraid than when you held me in your arms

(But the war came too soon.

All in a rage —

We were against ourselves)

Can you stay? Even if not for eternity —

I promise to let you go.

Short Thought

Ice in summer glasses

Small talk by the pool

Drenched in togetherness

Some people dream of diamond rings

We got four days to live

But won’t ever know it

Instructions for Healing

Rise before dawn and drain

Watch for a hollow spot to form in the middle

The wound needs time to dry out

Notice the seepage

Toxic holdings release into the open space

Lightly rinse and squeeze 5 times a day or more

At sunset repack and cover

Keep squeezing throughout the night

Let it rest a little

Repeat for 29 to 30 days

For healing

Save Our Shepherd

the universe contains a terror

we brought you, physical,

into this world

and now pray

to the Ruler of Creation

to let you stay

for more than just one beautiful year

we shudder on the hospital floor

suddenly, we find

ourselves fallen

in the bright darkness, we ask That Beyond Body

to heal and preserve

to keep your temple intact

and we speak to you,


stay close to mommy and daddy

do not go

where you cannot hear our voices

we so cherish you,

little one

for all the years we waited to hold you,

let us have many years in return

in earnest,

our pleading shakes the heavens

flesh of our flesh, keep

love’s power magic prevail

Oh Healer, Oh Preserver, Oh Restorer of Life

Save our Shepherd

brief love affair with a veiled woman

I’m at the age where I can claim survival of a few great loves

And several notable affairs

And her

Who felt like strings taught and vibrating

Come down, go back up

She tied me up in knots once, remember?

She  tied me up with her scarf

And we tried to pry ourselves together in the dark

All those nights of twisting

We slept wrapped in an awkward shape

Like we defied the One who created space

We kissed, never looking each other in the face

Sometimes I search for her among the veiled ones

But all the women cast their gazes down

And I would doubtful recognize her eyes anyway

I saw you

I saw you

Leaning there

I saw you

With your heart out

I saw you

Dancing high and laughing

With your love on

Looking up into the sky

Oh, my darling I saw you

And it warmed my soul

coyote dream

In my dreams I walk out into the night

away from the house and

into the forest

the animals make sounds

like warning

but I ignore them

somehow I came to these woods looking for you

you’re not here

only here come the coyotes

surrounded by a pack of three

with their mischief and their teeth

so I let them tear me to pieces without a fight

after all, I later reason upon waking,

in the dream the coyotes are also me