This web space is primarily dedicated to poems and loosely structured essays on the world of the body, mind and soul and their chaotic entanglement.

I have compiled poems from 1998 to 2008, and continued since the inception of this blog to write and post. Subject matter varies depending on the events and perspective of my life. The style of many of my early poems was inspired by the language and style of the short novel, Wide Sargasso Sea. Originally, they were each hand written as visual poems. Typing them up of course, they lose the majority of the original art.

Later poems are a result of more structured thinking and writing and are not visual works of art. The subject matter switches from working through of childhood trauma to the events related to adulthood and growing into a woman. I often deal with transformative events, moving from grand themes to intimate details.

I hope that there are people out there who will appreciate my style and content. If you take anything positive away from these poems, I will be ever so glad.

An arborist (or tree surgeon) is a professional in the practice of arboriculture, the management and maintenance of trees. Work may also include care of shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. An arborist is distinct from a forester, or from a logger. Those professions may have much in common, but the scope of work is different. Arborists frequently focus on health and safety of individual trees, or wooded landscapes, rather than managing forests or harvesting wood.

Source: Wikipedia

18 thoughts on “About

  1. rob,

    thank you so much! i am glad you LOVE my poems. (they love you too.)

    the arboriculture theme came about as a play on words, plus it just makes sense…. you know… i’m not a poeTREE logger. that just doesn’t fit or sound good. ya know?


  2. I have enjoyed reading your writing. I keep coming back and back and back. There is nothing mediocre here. I wish I could achieve such depth and honesty with my own writing. Please take it as a sincere compliment when I say, “well done.”

  3. Your website is so awesome. The ability for you to voice your thoughts is awesome. I look up to Buddy from Senses Fail for the same reason. You are awesome.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    lots of hugs, lots of kisses, lots of love.

  4. you are so juicy,, you know you have some inspiring thing in this blog,,, I just got to it todya,, when I felt hopeless and so depressed, it made me take an action…I’m kinda shy person,..but you good. there is a look and feel of nature in your bolg, I love it.

  5. Its interesting. Your style is a bit like my own. In the 90’s, my style of poetry was very common in rhythm and rhyme. I was never satisfied with it. I hadn’t developed much articulation at that time. But I got a bit better as time went on and then I discovereed “Omega” by Stone Sour. Cory Taylor’s style of wording opened up an entire new world of rules (or lack thereof) for poetry and pros.

    I’ve yet to post a poem at my place, but I’ve been contemplating it.

    I’m glad I added this place to my blog surfer. It’s worth it. Hope to see more from you in the near future.

    – echo

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for the past year and really admire your honesty and wordcraft. I never comment, but wanted to on your last post. I decided the previous commenter pissed me off too much to really say anything that would help. It’s ok to be down and out, to be depressed. It doesn’t make you weak. You’re strong…still alive, still writing.

    I had a treater say something once to me that really struck a chord. I’ll repeat it in the hopes that it helps you.

    Recovery is like drowning. If you struggle, you drown. If you float, you live.

    My best

  7. I just found your blog and found it extremely stimulating (mentally!) compared to most of the dross weighing down the good ship WordPress! I look forward to checking our your stuff regularly in the future.

  8. Thanks for the comment you left: I would never have found these blogs of yours otherwise. Now you’ll have to excuse me, but there’s a lot explore in here!

  9. hey hey,

    I was chatting with Jillian about you early tonight. She says “awwwwww.” insert cute inflection.
    Just trying to tap into the wordpress potential here. Your space looks good and your content too.

    Well, all the best.


  10. Hey poetreearborist, I looked you up when I saw your comment. I love your poetry, your writing. Stay on the path. We’re all here together. You may lose your loved ones, we often do. The questions will continue, the heartaches are so much a part of this life. If we wait for God to swoop down, we may miss much of what this life has to offer, eh? Our enchanted prisons have every opportunity to become our enchanted lives – so, hey, which way do you want to go? Prison or life? I hear you. L.

    p.s. You wrote a comment at mysteryoriley and that’s how I found you.

  11. hello – great stuff! I love your love of God. I’ve some stuff here: dharmadaso.wordpress.com
    you’re welcome to have a read…

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