Save Our Shepherd

the universe contains a terror

we brought you, physical,

into this world

and now pray

to the Ruler of Creation

to let you stay

for more than just one beautiful year

we shudder on the hospital floor

suddenly, we find

ourselves fallen

in the bright darkness, we ask That Beyond Body

to heal and preserve

to keep your temple intact

and we speak to you,


stay close to mommy and daddy

do not go

where you cannot hear our voices

we so cherish you,

little one

for all the years we waited to hold you,

let us have many years in return

in earnest,

our pleading shakes the heavens

flesh of our flesh, keep

love’s power magic prevail

Oh Healer, Oh Preserver, Oh Restorer of Life

Save our Shepherd

2 thoughts on “Save Our Shepherd

  1. This is so very close to my experience, so beautiful. Thank you. Beauty (Order’s mum). And so our promises our commitments bore fruit.

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