You light up at the edge of my pillow,

Like the bright dawn

You sparkle and twirl and urge me to wake

To make breakfast, to pick out clothes together

You genius with human conversation

Always laughing and honest

Screaming at me in your anger and disappointment, “How could you do that to your own precious daughter?”

with tears in your eyes and your lip trembling

And I have to smother my laughter while trying to maintain authority

So I hold up my fingers, 1 – 2 – 3

And you always acquiesce to the solitude to mull over the situation in your perfect brain

We go about our days with intense togetherness

Arms and back so strong from years of holding you whenever you ask for comfort

And we eat from the same bowl, and drink from the same glass, and pray side by side

And until your 7th birthday you slept just a pillow away

So my darling daughter, growing up so fast,

I pray you remember your mother always and keep her in your heart


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