Shhh! It’s a secret

Can I share with you my secret?

I’m tiiiired of men telling me my religion

I’m fed UP with anyone who treats me like I’m not smart enough to have an opinion

Like I’m not a learned scholar so my views had better fall in line

Pick a box called a madhab (we have four styles to choose from)

I’m bored with their preachy little same-isms

You’re telling me things never change? The world stays the same?

Maybe you wish it would, but brother get over yourself

This free flight of the woman takes off at dawn

Rises up to meet her Creator

Has a mind like wings that fly and a tongue like a whip

These words of this Holy Quran, these signs came for me

They dig around in the trenches of my soul, carve up my life

And God imparts great wisdom to this servant, like nothing you ever dreamed

So, man, shut your mouth and open your ears

For now, our time arrives – I mean the time of women, of free thinkers, of creative explorers

We will show you Islam

We will remind you of what got lost along the way

Get cozy too my brother – this may take a while


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