Authentic Self

Authentic self,

You twisted loon!

Inspire us with your perversity and improv

What a jumble of contradictions

Laughing and falling down – the drunkard

Stiffled and full of reasoned arguments

This one good, that one will not do – judge jury and executioner

Authentic preconscious confusion wants all the delicious sexy marshmallow fun

Authentic gateway harbinjer acting like a super hero body guard but fooling no one

Get an opinion of your own!

Always with the shank whenever the ego gang gets worked up

You! You contemptuous trilogy – like the corporate entity who says they want to help the planet

Just want to look good, please the consumer, get everyone distracted from reality

Where is the higher self beyond the demented moralizer?

The one that calls softly from inside, seducing away the sugar sex pleasure, replacing it with God-Connection Ecstacy

Pure light core dreams in color – dreams of dissolving into rainbow

(Writer’s absurd and unnecessary commentary: You are at least somewhat familiar with Freud I presume.)


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