Love at 1st Sight

She saw his profile – still across an empty soccer field.

It happened in the earliest morning hour, the moment just before dawn,

The creation of color in a world of black and white began again.

She watched the awakening with a child’s wonder.

Grass blades, tree trunk, sky line and all came silently into existence.

He stood unmoving.

Looking like the last member of an ancient race: lost in time and forgotten.

The scene took her,

And it seemed she awoke within a dream.

Standing under the fig tree, blended and hidden from view,

She wondered whom this human form held.

The thought traveled from her brain to her belly,

And on the way caused the keeper of innocence to give up its residence in her chest,

So that suddenly, each time she exhaled she discovered emptiness,

And trembled with unknowing,

And a new and terrible longing.

She had heard that feelings of desire could lead to other things:

like breathing, what was essential in life could not be held onto for more than a moment.

A subsequent breath contained all the potential for passion, attachment and loss that a lifetime might offer.

But she knew none of what it meant; only sensing a slight pain in her side –

That by a tragic error of fate she mistook for love.


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