A Known Failure

Our supposed love is a known failure

before we even say “Enough!”

When we’re not happy we can say it’s for the sex

and the benefit of sharing domestic expenses

that we continue in this charade

I’m sure it’s true we like each other –

and can cling to memories from our early romance

whenever the winds of familiarity blow us toward the land of contempt



One thought on “A Known Failure

  1. But I Cannot Find that in the Bible!
    One of the many false charges made against the Catholic Church:

    False charge #1. “The Catholic Church and / or the Pope is the ‘Whore of Babylon.’

    Many non-Catholic books have been written ‘proving’ that this is what the Bible ‘clearly’ says!”

    Answer to false charge #1. Proving??? Clearly??? I have now donned my Sola Scriptura glasses for a reply using Sola Scriptura believers non-Catholic rules, and first of all, I cannot find the phrase ‘whore of Babylon’ in the Bible.

    Not only that but I cannot find a single reference that says ‘Catholic Church’ or the word ‘Pope’ to connect to the non-existent ‘whore of Babylon’.

    This is irrefutable proof that non-Catholics have a double standard (doublethink*).

    When Catholic’s make a statement, they are greeted with Sola Scriptura, and nothing else.

    End of conversation. However, when non-Catholics make a charge against the Catholic Church like this one, there is no such thing as Sola Scriptura.

    They pull these charges out of thin air with not a single thread of proof.


    Answers anyone???

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