(More) Thoughts on God

I try not to say I know God, that I understand Allah, that the nature of the universe is not a mystery;

but then to myself and in secret I explore the depths and the simplicities in full view of the One who sees the insides of my heart and soul;

and by means of design am provided the tools for excavation.

I scoop up the earth and mud established and concretely cemented, digging for pure, raw reality;

and at some point realize that the slick muck and shining layers are not an illusion.

The hate, the fear, the insipid platitudes along with the hope, compassion and peaceful breath – no more false than the sought for foundation.

All comes from and all returns to the Source.


One thought on “(More) Thoughts on God

  1. God does not exist; God is. God is a pebble; the pebble is just a shiny rock. God doesn’t care; God sees nothing. God _is_ nothing. God is everything. There’s nothing that isn’t God. To say anything about God is to say nothing at all. To say nothing about God is to say all that needs to be said. Leave it be, and God will exist. Try to find God, and God destroys all that matters. Fight it, find it, and it will disappear. Forget it, and it will have always been and will always be. It’s that simple.

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