Seeking Soul Mate

Best friend or bosom buddy wanted

A soul mate

To share the fragile spinning moments

We hold and hope never cease

Or set back broken bones, beaten apart

by apathy, time, constriction or comtempt

Soul mate sought

To share simple pleasures

Rock bottom despair

Dreams, mesmerizing and expansive

Find me here – on the front porch

Life living and free

Open and ready

For adventure inspired by fate’s meeting


3 thoughts on “Seeking Soul Mate

  1. Fate it was then that brought me here. Hello there!
    Once in a while I browse the poetry section,
    and looky here what I found today, a lady doctor.
    How wonderful! I could not help but to stop in and leaf
    a few words, even if I wood never be in the running
    for the soul-mate you seek. I am single, but you are most
    likely worlds away from my back porch. I’m glad you feel free,
    that says a lot about your lifestyle, and your writing style.

    “fragile spinning moments”, I like that combo, because, yes,
    a spiral can lift us up to greater and greater moments,
    if only we can catch the wind at it’s most vulnerable point.

    Nice to meet you! Wood you come and take my temperature?
    If you make tree house calls, you can find me here:

  2. Довольно интересно конечно. Я немогу подписаться под каждым вашим словом, но в общем соглашусь.

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