Thoughts on Impermanence

Life is full of impermanent people. They come, stand in our lives and move with us for a time. It seems, while they’re there, that they have always been. It seems that there was no time before them and that life would cease to exist without them. Consciousness is bound up in the joint existence of that other plus this self. We are whole being together – not things separate, not apart. Well then we come to learn of the truth and depth of impermanence. We learn it again and again. The lovers teach us the hardest of truths. They in physical, spiritual, emotional coupling co-create a secondary self that substitutes for what ever primary entity came before. And great passionate love is experienced there in that time of togetherness. Then gone as we never imagined they could be we stumble blindly, not only searching for them in the nothing and empty space, but grappling even for our own selves. We don’t recognize us, alone. Not so much do we blame them for leaving, perhaps they were caught up by the winds of fate, and could not be held onto. The storm comes and blows us all apart and away. Would that they could have stayed bound to the first day of love. Would we if we could rewind and reconceptualize the nature of human experience? No more impermanence and the fickle ways of fleeting time. Let’s freeze one second in forever and keep life still as a souvenir glass globe. God may get bored with such a creation, but please just place us without despair on the shelf.


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