Spirals of God

The moment I reach the innermost point of the spiral is the saddest

And the step where the circle breaks and ends is terror

I am alone in the center

of self in isolation

Walking the  path is a metaphor to hold onto today

Where was I born?

In the center? At the edge?

Did I leave the warmth of the womb and begin to wander into the wide winding reality?

Did I swim out to the edge and then see the desperate end of possibility, or simply a never ending circling out and away?

Today I stand (or crouch crying, huddled like an infant) at an extreme – but I am not sure which

Am I fully inside my being – alone here in the most secret place, or

Have I reached the point of negation, and become paralyzed on the edge of transcendence?

Where is there God? Where is there not God?

I am at a loss – swallowed by mystery


3 thoughts on “Spirals of God

  1. I wonder also, does the center represent God? Or does the outer edges symbolize growth, and therefore God? The center suggests isolation and thus not-near-Godness, yet the outer edge is wandering away.

    Help me out here, I’m confused.

  2. WOW !!! Now that … was truly deep. so deep in fact I had to read it three times. How prolific. I have to go read it again. Thank youf or sharing your heart with us. It will only be blessed and appreciated.

    I really love your style.

    Tasha Harris

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