Fasting leads me to You

where there is thirst upon thirst let my lips dry and tongue swell

when languishing for water, near death

let me die

where there is hunger and desire to fill my aching belly

when flesh drops from bones, and all thoughts turn to food

leave me empty, or

let me feast on You

when tempted to lay quiet and swim in desperation

throw sand in my eyes and slap my face

shake me to standing

and grant me grace to find the positions of prayer again and again

to move and to murmur

in reverence, and if rewarded to fall forward into

absolute joy

as You press me ever more deeply into You


One thought on “Fasting leads me to You

  1. first of all, thank you for dropping by my site to leave a comment. i really appreciate people leaving comments on my blogs as i consequently recognize them as friends in the blogosphere.

    secondly, you have very good contents in your site. i rarely find philosophical poems such as yours that nourish the soul and bind it with his Creator. your words are beautiful, holy enough to draw us back to God. person like you deserves to be applauded for your endeavor.

    thirdly, i hope that you continue to write and inspire more soul to look for God (or whoever you may call it) in religious covenant.

    fourthly, may i have the honor to link you on my page? and may i also have the privilege to included in your blogroll? thank you! 🙂

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