Our love is a rusted institution

Our love is a rusted institution

and I’m tired of being taxed to keep it going

The gates used to swing both ways

but corrosive elements make them hard to pry open these days

The staff is despicably unfriendly

“Hello! Can I get some help here?” (Really, it’s rhetorical when you have to shout it down the empty halls)

Much has been spent on renovation

that’s been no more than cosmetic

The structure itself is crumbling

Not just the walls but the filing system is purely medieval

Information gets lost and no one is held accountable

“Utterly inefficient & ineffective” – Stamp that on your permanent report

I would recommend we shut it down and sell off the assets

but what here is worth the cost of advertising?

Better this I say, let’s burn it

The insurance won’t pay much

but strategically speaking – it’s a cut your losses

and get out while you can kind of deal


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