How am I so weak?

How am I so weak?

But you tried to grow

and to never die

How empty life has shown me my lessons –

and have I failed?

For you it was expected and

from you then accepted

They stopped fighting for us

and have you died?

In the family they whisper my name

I am replaced by mist

You are the one who got away

The one who sees

I see – pain all over

I feel – helpless and trapped

No one can hold you down now

No, perhaps it is better to seal the lid and forget

(Written summer 2004)


One thought on “How am I so weak?

  1. Wow- your writing- your expression- your depth

    I had just commented on the other poem and then saw this on a tag to addictions…

    whisper- trying to let the lid off- but then again at the moment it may be easier to seal the lid…

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