Mother in a Bottle

My mother had a fit in her head

She saw visions of destruction and went crazy

Locked inside a glass bottle now

We cannot rub her out

Or deny her need to escape herself

She finds safety in a pot pipe

Her cries pitch high as a child

No matter what seems real to us

She cries for the one she knows is hell

Darkness has leaked from her eyes

And we all fear the demon

That denial births

Just drink instead

Just smoke til your head

Feels better there

Poor, sad, no hope creature in a glass world

I cannot see inside

But would break everyday if I

was only strong

(Written 2001)


2 thoughts on “Mother in a Bottle

  1. Did you write this? If you did- wow- that’s deep, profound, based on experience and beautifully expressed. She cries for the one she knows is hell…

    My God- that is so well written…

  2. I’ve read your about page. okay- you did write this. Like I said its beautiful, but, I am well aware of the experiences that must have promted it…

    whether there yours or someone elses you have a gift of expression that touched yhe heart on this one.

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