How to Pray

And how can I pray? Emmet Fox said not to pray for outcomes, but for serenity and faith in God’s will. Fox also said, paraphrasing the Bible, that we do not receive because we do not ask. He ALSO said that we should pray for peace, believing that God has already provided for our needs. Rumi tells us to hatch out the helplessness.


Remember: prayer gets accepted no matter how

impure: like that of

a woman in excessive menstration, her asking dense

with blood, so your praise

is full of blood ties, full of how attached you are.

That tangle of limited

surrender is the human mire. We’re sodden in bodiness,

where the clearest sign of

grace is that from dung come flowers, from the bulbous

sludge, buds and then sweet

pears. The ground’s generosity takes in our compost

and grows beauty! Try to

be more like the ground. Give back better, as a rough

clod returns an ear of

corn, a tassel, a barley awn, this sleek handful of oats.