The Deepest Longing is to Be Longed For

If you were my lover and I was your love
Would you see me as I am
And if in my love of you I picked up your burden
And carried it
Or your cross and walked, carrying it,
Alongside you
Would you see this and lay down temptation
To save me from myself?

I have been far removed from perfection
And traveled the outskirts of divine grace
If God has seen me with love
It is unjustified, and therefore pure
But goodness friend, I have prayed for you to draw close

I want in all my wanting to know you deeper
I crave in all my cravings for you to want me
Like God, built in such image, I am the lover
And you, fallen darling, the beloved
So drop to your knees before me and pray

So fall before you I assuage compliance
Cast away from you these trifles
Succumb to me in truth
Let us mirror creation and become
The love the bounds unloosed

If there is one thing in life for which, I truly long
It is to see and be seen
To love and be loved
To be whole in discovery
Without hindrance or hesitation


One thought on “The Deepest Longing is to Be Longed For

  1. “To be whole in discovery”
    This really struck a chord that I didn’t know was there – but seems obvious now. Thank you for passing along something to ponder and carry with for awhile.


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