Red Rover with Sadness & Contempt

Good ole soul
You comfort me least
When world’s troubles manifest
You run away from limbs,
Hide in some ethereal plane or what
Then thoughts run, slicing through happy hopes
Hold hands in prayer, link ’em like fence
Soul trouble you make me play –
Red Rover with sadness + contempt

As I Lay Dying

Poor Robert,
His mother is all eyes now
Fierce flashes of not-yet
Followed by gray clouds asking when?
He thinks to hold her close, to fold himself around her
To say, It’s time mama,
Time to let go

To spindle her with morphine and rock her to sleep
On the ebb of an endless sea

Some People

Some people want to hide a shameful act
Lock it in a box, stash it under the bed
Some people hide their secrets in other people
With threats to cement silence,
Or rely on a shared sense of guilt
Wrapped up in social conformity, in a word – expectation
Some people are concerned more for the after-end result
Than the now- think before act/speak
And take moral offense when their dirty deeds are outed
By would-be-not victims, or those who receive dear confessions
Some people forget intention holds sweet soul essence
And focus on outward action – so often they then forget
The inner world is sacred, precious, truth
And though external acts would be reflection,
They make a muddy mirror at best