Beauty of Grief

My grieving heart is beautiful, a wonder to behold
What lovely potential there is in devastation
Like a hurricane, loss has ripped open my heart, my ego,
Laid waste to iron structures built to protect
All cultivated reasoning – just timber and nails
My tears taste of the sea
My cracked lips, the blood we all share
I have no clothes to hide my nakedness
I feel no shame languishing in the mud, my life in ruins around me
Heavy rain falls, falls, falls
Darkness comes, comes, comes
All sense is lost
Grief folds me into myself
A hundred million times Thank You!
The heavens have heard my prayer
And delivered me from a complacent existence


3 thoughts on “Beauty of Grief

  1. Lovely. I agree that there is beauty in grief, for at the very least it makes us feel alive and it is a thousand times better than feeling nothing at all.

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