Walking in Shadows

I choose to walk barefoot through the shadows
Stepping away from tender delusions –
Those shiny, mesmerizing orbs
Darkness inspires fear, which gives opportunity for courage
So that I see myself in a metaphor –
Treading silently through the night forest
My hands run over the landscape,
And I begin to see like the blind, as new senses awaken
With willful, purposeful strength
And the eerie black and white shadow world of the moon
Leads me back to my ancient, primitive ways
Myself fully inside myself, like animus, unhuman
And I have no desire to leave this wild wooded place
It is through the dark, in deft movement
In the wounded animal state
With the lure of evolution – the beauty of infinite potential
I know myself feral, unleashed, huntress


2 thoughts on “Walking in Shadows

  1. I love this poem. I’ve never experienced walking through the forest at night hands as my guide and primary sense. Now I want to, I think it would be a great experience. Interesting poem to say the least. I’m fairly new to wordpress so why don’t you come check out my poetry.

    FRESHtoDEATH, Anthony

    Ninja vanish!

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