Dropping By

There is no romance, no suspence, no mercy when you text me to drop on by

Still I show up, filled with weeks of anticipation, greeted with suspicion

How I would love for this to be easy, but you squirm and resist and I am confounded

There is no charity on my part, no scheme, no calculation, no conscious desire for anything but to be near you

Why the pull, why the fascination? With you I feel electric – even since before I knew I wanted to sleep with you

Warm and rough, but shallow and short lived, you take me without meaning it – as uncertainty drags you out and away

I want passion, to let go compelely, in a moment just be empty and full at the same time

Craving the isolation of two and the ecstatic life of the now


One thought on “Dropping By

  1. I don’t get it, its as if this whole time you have been jst reading whats on my mind.. your words resemble my thoughts so much…Racheal, you such a good angel. I could not put it in writing my self cos it seemed a bit hard,, you jst made it easy girl.

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