Turn Away

Digging in the dirt, my scuffed paws humiliating

Hunkered down, spine curved, head bent into the work

Furiously clawing the earth – the hard, dense soil

Heart pounding, chest heaving with breath, all movements in rhythm of excavation

This hole – my destruction

For years, on my haunches in search of the bottom, the truth, the answer (burried here somewhere?)

Exhausted, continuing, burning for it all to end, but knowing no other way

Then a jagged root, itself jutting up through the earth, reaching for me, even as I dig down towards it – in a moment destiny – it’s open edge slices through my palm

The blood sudden and red, the pain searing

All initial movement thoughtless reaction: Head up and back, spine arched and mouth howling

Caught then by the sun in my eyes, the sea salted air in my mouth, the beauty of the trees, the sounds of birds singing and my own body – heart a bass reply, breath an echo of the wind all around me, one and the same, the stretch of skin that snaps and releases, tears, the sea itself in my sun burned eyes, rolling down my face, feeding the earth

I rise up, released by the blood, I turn away, I know myself to be free


One thought on “Turn Away

  1. I like the journey of this poem.
    It takes you through it. At the end, the reader–I–know what it took to be free.

    This is good.
    Please keep writing.

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