Of all the parts we have our hands

Out for will what we hold inside

Shows through

Souls seen in the palms of hands

Read between these lines

What do you see?

Hands can do anything we put our minds to

All purpose unfolds so question the movement our hands

Test action

Do not succumb, our bodies led by hands which push and pull

More hold, let go

Why clasp hands in prayer but to seek answers? Praise?

Do all possible with hands

Amazing units

Create pleasure

Cause harm

Tear down


Build up


Hands of people join for power

Unite in marriage

And unite living with dead


Nailed to the cross

Shoved up a skirt

Feeding the hungry

Pulling down painties

What do your hands do?

Put your mind to anything and hand follows

The will of mind

The power of humankind

The hand


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