Barks gives us Rumi:

“Enlightenment is joy when sudden disappointment comes”

Yet we wonder how can we be happy when we are so afraid?

The disappointment when:
“We don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as we have a healthy baby”

Becomes, “We’re not having a healthy baby”

And so the doctors huddle together, quietly consorting with their technology

To sum up the gift of God growing in our belly as… broken

“Send this one back” they say with less candor and more jargon

Yet we forgive them, knowing they too are afraid.

Then power like thunder from the earth, and the sky wells and pours

We asked this baby to come and now it is coming

There is spirit here to learn from us, and to teach us

And we are unable to shake our sense that here is something wonderful

Not to be diagnosed and discarded in the dark

But to be brought to the light and held and remarked upon as Beautiful

And so in wonder we begin to smile, and then to laugh

A deep belly rumble of quaking laughter as joy springs up

For we stand amazed

That a miracle as mundane as a baby

Could call forth the full spirit of love

And bring us into counsel with God



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